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Software consulting and integration

Consultis was founded in Bratislava in 2010. The company's employees possess many years of experience in the software industry. Consultis develops innovative software solutions for companies and public institutions.

What drives us?
Our ambition is to increase the efficiency of our customers with the help of our software products and projects and to assist them in a process-supporting way.

Which are our core technical skills?

  • Consulting/ software development in Java and .NET
  • DMS &Workflow Systems
  • Sharepoint solutions
  • MS-Outlook integration
  • e-government solutions


We specialize in software development in the areas of .NET (C #), Java (JSE and JEE) and web development with various JavaScript frameworks (Angular, cshtml, Knockout, Dojo Toolkit, etc.).
Our developers will work for you as a team (also with German-speaking project management) or directly from the customer (in English).
We successfully implemented several projects for SMEs, listed companies as well as for ministries in Austria, and among other things, we were able to acquire a comprehensive know-how in software integration (e.g. MS Office, MS Sharepoint, LibreOffice, SAP, div. Fachapplikationen).

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to perform human-like tasks for machines or learn from experience, adjust to new inputs. We take advantages from AI to improve our project by using open-source Tensorflow platform from Google for recommendations. It helps users to find what they are looking for and it allows users to discover new interesting never seen things.

  • Artificial intelligence: Science about ways to build intelligent programs and machines to perform human-like tasks
  • Machine learning: Algorithms which solves problems and automatically learn and improve from experience
  • Deep learning: Subset of machine learning in which multilayer neural networks learn from vast amounts of data

We created hybrid system consists of two different approaches to solve the recommendation problem:

  • unsupervised learning neural networks
  • they reconstructing compressed representation of input data at the output
Content-Based Filtering:
  • uses features of item to recommend other items similar to what the user likes, based on their previous actions or explicit feedback,
  • used techinques like stemming, tokenization, removing stopwords and vectorization

Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI you can find here.

Mobile app development

Nowadays, mobile applications are very popular in the world, therefore in our company we place emphasis on the development of applications for both the most popular mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. We use Flutter to develop mobile applications for both platforms, which is Google’s UI toolkit for natively built-in applications from a single code base. Flutter not only provides the ability to develop applications for iOS and Android mobile operating systems, but also can be used for Web and Desktop with single codebase.


Flutter allows us to do:

  • Fast Development
  • Expressive and Flexible UI
  • Native Performance

Fast Development:

  • Quick and easy expermineting and fixing with hot reload
  • Fast reload times without losing state on emulators

Expressive and Flexible UI

  • Built-in Material Design widgets
  • Built-in Cupertino widgets
  • Built-in rich motion APIs
  • Built-in smooth natural scrolling

Native Performance

  • Full native performance on every platform
  • Widgets incorporate critical platform differences

You can find more more info on official Flutter website.

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